accepting this trash game

has it got to the point we are just accepting whatever ea throw at us?

honestly this game is quickly being outted as one of the worst if not worst fifa ever

how can it get worse than fifa 20?


  • Don_seanado
    582 posts An Exciting Prospect
    This forum has always been about accepting the garbage EA throws at the consumer. That's why no one has commented and ultimately that's why they are still here year after year.
  • OZero
    7674 posts League Winner
    Because it’s not trash.
  • MeeseeksandDestroy
    424 posts An Exciting Prospect
    OZero wrote: »
    Because it’s not trash.

    Yes it is.
  • Rich
    1065 posts Professional
    Now I'm not saying this is a great game but it's better than last year. I think we just have to accept that until next gen brings along a new game engine not much will change. Unfortunately that probably won't happen until fifa 23. EA are lucky they have next to no competition if we were talking about a first person shooter this franchise would be dead and buried down to the amount of choice we have out there.
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