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I’ve noticed there isn’t a specific trading thread this year, where trading tips and advice can be given and shared by the community.

Please note I don’t claim to be the best trader ever, though have Been trading each season for the last 3/4 seasons and this season have made over 2.5 million since release.

So to get this thread started I’ll share what exactly I’ve been trading:

So at the start of Fifa after the starter packs, coins are low and the market isn’t settling. At this point I simply purchase gold cards from each top league for a maximum of 350 coins and flip them for 550/600 coins, this is very time consuming with a high sale rate though it was just to get myself coins into the club. These cards could have been sold for more, though the idea was to build coins quickly and move onto something else. I also brought stadiums for 150 bid and sold for over 1000 per item. If you are looking into trading with low risk and investment, this is easy.

Going forward I then invested in a number of gold cards withIn different popular leagues and nationalities, such as javi martinez from Bayern, Spanish and bundesliga, this was simply for the demand of the advanced sbc’s at the start of the year. I’d be looking for between 500-2000 coin profit per card. I would completely avoid low rated meta cards as they will be and have been the first cards to quickly lose their value.

Very quickly I have moved on to discard inform cards from popular leagues, such as giroud and Sigurdson last week, of which I picked up for 10,250 and flipped each for 2.5k profit. Sbc’s so far have included a totw requirement also, if you get lucky there could be huge profits here.

I now also invest in anything above 85 rated, I know the general good prices for each rating and know my target buying price - 85 rated - under 6k for instance. I find I make about 3/4K minimum from 89 rated cards, which is consistent.

I recommend using Futbin and monitoring the cheapest by rating page to build an idea of relevant prices. There is also eventually going to be an sbc that makes the market inflate, this could be months though. Flipping higher rated cards is where I make the most profit, sometimes selling Upto 15 an hour with around 3/4k each.

ive has a lot of success flipping high rated popular players, who have had a downgrade this year, such as David de gea, it seems people can’t believe he’s around 14k and are more than happy to regularly pay 18/20k.

I like to do Otw trading too, simply buy when they’re low and then sell in the hype before a game, I wouldn’t gamble on the hope of the player getting an inform personally and would just take the profit.

To buy cards I simply bid and always ensure I purchase as low as possible below the current buy now cost. I don’t use price filters as these are broken and don’t show all results, meaning there are plenty of bargains available!

I’m sure other, better traders can give more information and advice here and I hope we can build a thread with relevant tips to help each other make further coins, along with helping others to start trading.


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    Doing OK atm, but my method is drying up, basically buying large amounts of the lower rated popular cards during rewards then selling and flipping, managed a transfer profit over 2 mill but these cards have now lowered a lot. Need a new method! Like otw but not sure bout this current batch!
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