Pro Clubs much better than last 2 fifas

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Some little small fixes but clubs for me has to be best in while feels much more fun playing this game 11v11 or 3v3 just teamplay looks so good and hope they don't ruin this mode like others due to fut updates like 19 and 20 .

Fifa 21 atm has huge skill gap and it's clear as day pure passing and reading gets more reward just ball retention is poor for some games as servers are still pretty basic and slow at times .

If you play fut like me try take some time for clubs with friends so much more fun but being in d1 rivals can be my main reason as it's boring slow chess game .

In clubs it's open fun and easy to enjoy and take in fifa bs as a team and win 90th min bangers or miss sitters and call your mate a shed lol.
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