Strength and tackles

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Can anyone give me some help or advice please or both haha.

I’m not very good. I know that. Somehow I managed to win my 5 rivals placement matches and got placed into Div 2. I’m way out of my depth and have lost 19 out of the next 20 matches by a distance.

Totally outplayed and no complaints and even enjoyable to watch some of my opponents play.

However nothing ever seems to go right for me especially tackling and jostling for the ball. If I get tackled my players act stunned and wobble about while my opponent skips away.

If I tackle someone the same things happen. Even my opponents plays seem to come away with the ball when they have been grounded.

It’s not a player strength issue as we are talking my Kante v the likes of Lucas etc or other players with low strength. I know I am probably not doing something I should. Can anyone give me some tips please?

I am now on my way down to Div 5. Div 8 was my standard last year so maybe that’s the reason and the fact I can’t really perform many skills moves.

Thank you.
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