Ea refs like Michael Oliver

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Anyone watching the Bayern vs Atletico game can see the continued antics and ridiculous refereeing by the horrible ref who lost control of the Liverpool-Everton derby....

It takes a complete lameo unaccountable idiot to call a foul on an offensive player for kicking the ball (see Muller’s yellow card)....fYI EA PROGRAMMERS: this ref and this reffing team are awful...god awful...


  • DannySTFC
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    VAR was at fault for the Merseyside derby and has taken any credibility refs had left, doing a tough job, away from them. While Oliver could have done better he can be excused for a lot of the things that happened, VAR is to blame for Pickford still being on the pitch and also made the disallowed goal decision not him, he also sent off Richarlison so I don’t really see why he’s taken much blame, when it’s clearly VAR or whoever is in charge of VAR to blame.

    No one can or will condone Pickfords tackle but these things happen in football, Liverpool players have injured opponents before, this is no different. The fact it’s VVD has just emphasised the situation, everyone acting like injuries between two opponents never happen and this is the first occasion.

    The disallowed goal was an absolutely crazy situation, but it’s just typical Liverpool again. One of their fans actually rang the radio and did he paid an early cancellation fee for Sky Sports and BT Sport because he wouldn’t watch again while VAR is in place. So, he didn’t have a problem when VAR decision after decision went in their favour last season then they won the league and were nicknamed Livarpool because all the VAR was going their way? Now a major decision goes against them and he’s cancelling Sky? It’s just typical Liverpool, then they wonder why no one likes them!

    As for the Bayern game, haven’t seen it, so I’ll have to take your word on this one! 😊
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