Bring BACK the old way for free kicks and penalties

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I did this in a separate post because is essential feature killed by EA.
We are playing sniper here? Is this CSGO?
Who was that smart to believe this is looking good and REAL?
The guy needs his job or not?

I need to take my gun to execute a free kick?

The old sistem was great, driven shooting or finesse, curved hard balls for free kicks
or choose a corner, and push the button for penalties. Just shooting and moving the camera for effect.
If you are good, you score, if not, that's life!

Noe, the morrrrron needs to place the target then press the shooting button, then move the mouse
like drawing flowers in Paint.

Do you really need to kill good things from this game?



  • Really easy to score with the latest FKs, just place the target top corner hold shoot 2-3 bars then timed finish it. Always goes in for me
  • Arayas
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    In last years i have complained about the lack of free kicks. Now we have some but with this "new way" i dont even bother to shoot, i just pass the ball to another player.
    I am amazed what ideeas are promoted in EA FIFA developers team and implemented in the game. If i was the boss i was just fired the guy who came with this non-sense, a feature having NOTHING to do with a simulation game.
    Maybe the dude was a CSGO fan, a dude not knowing to fire a gun if he doesnt see the target cross in his eyes.
    This is hilarious.
  • Verdi42
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    The best free kick system was a bunch of FIFA's ago, when you had to choose where on the ball you would strike it. This gave the option of curve/no curve, and it was the most realistic and closest to real life kicking of a football it ever was.
  • GoonerSoldier
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    Agree 110%. The old way was MANUAL. EA finally fixed Headers and volleys to MANUAL in Fifa 21. The players must demand MANUAL. Its the only way EA will listen. Sadly, the support for manual remains Low. Although it has gained more players since Fifa19.
  • Arayas
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    Headers are bad, the ball behave like hitting soft sponge heads. In many situation the ball just drop next to the player's foot despite the fact the ball is coming from 25-30 meters from a hard cross. All that speed is reduced to zero.
    Another cheat from funny how my player has the first view of a cross, but in the moment you cross the ball, he's hiding behind the defender and you cannot do nothing to make him hit the ball.

    On the other hand i really MISS the old free kick way, this one is an abomination.
    In a fantasy world, if tomorow i will be the manager of FIFA developers team, first thing i would do, even before saying "good morning", is to ask who implemented this garbage and fire his arse, even he is the ultimate FIFA coder.
    People with this kind of ideeas has nothing to do with a simulation game and are bad people to have in a FIFA team. Get him out of EA, fire him and let him follow his dream in a company making shooter games, THERE they use painted targets on the screen.
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