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To understand where i come from:
sience FIFA07, i take a team from 4th english league and try my best to make it great, so....

I like:
-the possibility to change position for an younger player
-the possibility to train certain skills for each player
-the AI beeing more present, not so dumb as in the past
-feeling the difference between bad teams and good teams
-more friendly menu when starting a game
-choosing the activity for each day
-younger players having speed or some skills when you are using them on field, they were potatoes in the past

BUGS (i mean REAL bugs):
-goalkeeper is glued to the post line, every cross, even one feet from him is up to someone else to deal with, he is just a simple spectator.
-no option for midfielders to make them come in defence, therefore my defenders are running like crazy from a place to another while the midfielders and attackers are eating pop-corn in the middle of the field.
-unlike Barcelona, there are many teams in the world playing a physical attack, with many crosses.
Well, there are many problems here:
# in 3 seasons i didnt win more than 3 air duels. The AI always hits the ball. Doesnt matter my player is 6.2 and the defender is 5.3. Never scored a header goal from corners.
# all of my crosses are going exactly to the AI defenders no matter how hard i hit the ball (control button) to pass it over them.
# doesnt matter who is winning the header the ball acts like is hitting a soft sponge head, it goes few feets falling on the ground next to the players. Watch some football games on TV please!
# AI never use crossing (or shooting for that matter), ALL goals are scored from less than 10 meters, usualy in the short corner of the goal. Boring.
- the dude negociating for my players is NOT my avatar, is some random dude. :s
- the defender, when activated is moving forward, like the activation action is telling him: go run to the oposite goal....and off course is out of the defending picture.
- defenders are NOT placing themselfs between the attacker and the own goal post, they are blocking the attacker taking positions near to out line not the goal, off course leaving the path clear for the other player.
- board asking 15.000.000 profit from a manager of a 4th league team. I supose you need to insert the option : "rob a bank" for manager career.
- i gain alot of money from winning tournaments. Take x% and leave the rest of my disposal, all off MY money are dissapearing in thin air, "the board take it".
...or "I know you maded 10 mil last year, therefore we increased your budget for the next year with 1 mil."
Really? Result: i dont give a flying F about any cup, european or not.
-concentrate your efforts on the GAMEPLAY, this game has become a cutscenes game. And i skip ALL of them.
-THE LIGHTNING! I can't see any difference between yellow kits and blue kits because the lightning (in sun time) is making ALL white! I had many games not knowing where are my players and where is the AI.
-show the age of the player in team HUB.
-you maded the lines orange on snow but the ball is still white. Go figure that.

I Hate (with capital H):
-FIFA replays: Watch some football games on TV please!
No action building, no visible actions of the players, no REAL TV replays.
I saved few replays to create an YouTube post (with my goals, the AI ones are funny to watch)
and i droped the ideea, all replays are stupid and bad killing the beauty of the goal itself.
-"players training before game" cutscene. OMG, how much time we need to lose from our life to watch those idiotic cutscenes that CAN'T be skipped? Once at 10-20 games ok, but EVERY GAME? Really?
-how i know when i am gonna receive a goal no matter what. When AI team sudenly plays like Gods, and around 70 minutes of the game you have your tiki-taka-ping-pong-bum goal received.
-yellow cards? No problem! Every fault touch is an yellow card!
3th minute of the game and we have a red card for you!
People, Watch some football games on TV please! Referees in real life are not that fast on cards.
(not talking about situations when is normal to receive one)
-training drills, i hate them, why do i need to play some idiotic drills to make my players to get an A or a D for a drill? I dont play them, any of them.
-VOLTA play style in career. BAD ideea, who has come with it needs a long vacantion.

I Need easy-peasy to do, nothing fancy
-physical and technical trainers to hire them, good or not, depending on the money. Their value will decide what note my players will have in trainings (A-F) and how fast they will grow, not me playing stupid mini-drills.
-let me make my THIRD kit! Place some templates in the game (like managers have in clothing) and let me make my own colourfull kits. There are many matches i can't see who is who because i dont have options to choose visible differenciated kits! And also, every year i can change it or add another, not like playing my team 7 years in the same boring kits. In all RL teams goalkeepers have personalized kits. In this game, if it's green, it's green for life!
-give me other ways to make money if i am good (as a team). Add a sponsor option who is gonna give me x amount of money per week/month/year.
-let me see a clear result in my income from ticket sales, ALL stadiums are FULL like we play the World Cup Final, when in fact it's a poor 4th league match. If the team is doing well, good! If not, no.
-give me the option to sort in team management my reserves by the position they have. I am sick of searching among players to find a LB, for example.

I will stop here. There are more to add, but probably with more coding and creativity. This are simple things.


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