Defending tips?

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Any tips on how to defend well?


  • Wayneheath
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    Going by what virtually 95% of my opposition did in WL I would say constant pressure and let the ai defend for you
  • Downthewing85
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    Henstock wrote: »
    Any tips on how to defend well?

    Don't l Iisten to that 🤣
    Always track dangerous runs first

    When I lose ball, I think to my self how many men has he ( basically how many men are in the middle of pitch in front of my defence ) get my 2 Cdms back manually covering those passes, if opponant is good he won't pass and then I'm right stick switching between my Cdms, while he's passing around until he cracks and rushes the pass and I block
    Once strikers are block u can get aggressive with Cdms or full backs
    Always think when u lose ball " how many men has he"
    Plus use your defenders as a deterrent until the opponant is in your box and they are last resort
    Div 3 / 1650 skill points advice I'm only average but that's what I do
  • Danic123
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    If you struggle or get trigger happy then play 5atb. I get bored sitting back so drag players out the backline to intercept or engage attacking player.

    5atb allows that. Just leave the central CB where he is and use the wing backs or wide CB. Pull a WB forward and the side CB can cover wide. Pull a side CB forwards and the central CB or WB can come across to cover.

    I have Thiago Silva as the central CB & Gomez & Ake as the side CB. Works for me.
  • BrentfordFC
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    Jockey in midfield and let the ai do the rest :trollface:
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