Question on pauses.

was 2-0 up on a guy. should of been 3 or 4 up. but post and AI superman blocks kept it at 2. then guy pauses it three times in a row.. after last pause my team cant run.. passes going no where and now my defence which i had under control were all over place... is this a glitch or just me? guy came back to win 3-2. with a 92nd minute goal... really amazed at how my team and me had it under control until them pauses


  • Miigue
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    He was most likely on a 4G hotspot and probably started playing a 4k video on youtube or something to benefit from the lag compensation
  • DannySTFC
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    Nothing to do with the pauses themselves, but sometimes the momentum in a game can swing dramatically one way or another.

    In draft yesterday I was beating someone 2-1 and cruising, genuinely one of the easiest games I’ve played for ages, making chances, stopping his attacks with ease, felt like playing a D10 player (I’m D3) then all of a sudden he equalised, I wasn’t worried because it had been easy up to that point. After that he went on to win 6-2, momentum completely changed. Credit to him because he started to play well, but up to that point it felt like playing on beginner, all of a sudden I was playing against ultimate.
  • to be fair. guy was poor.. i had game under control. am a poor player myself. but when i get beat to what just happened.. makes me feel like whats the point..
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