Mbappè on a 1 player +75 pack: what team should I build?

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It happened. I pulled Mbappè on a 1 player +75 pack pack, untradable obviously.

It feel strange as he's someone I used only years ago, and I'm always on PL teams, as they're imho the best you can build. I was already enjoying CL POTM and Vydra IF, with a starter team that included some low cost IF like Chilwell, Bowen and Grealish.

Money aren't a problem, I'm a good trader and I already have 1m transfer profit, but I don't want to waste them buying players that will be worth 50% in a couple of weeks, and I suppose I'll play WL next weekend or at least the following one (I'm on div.4 in DR), so I have no urgency.

I'm more interested about what would be suggested to do with my team!

Ligue1 POTM could be interesting to get a better understanding on what to do, but I'd be keen to hybrid the lineup.

Mbappè must be obviously the focal point of the team, it's a 1.4m card and one of the best in the game, and also a striker that works for my style.

Thank you.


  • Blairwallace99
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    Obvious choice if you are a trader is keep going till you can afford neymar. That’s what I’m doing, but for now dembele is a cheap placeholder. You could build a french / la liga hybrid around dembele and mbappe, easy to link in prem that way as well due to the ample french prem players
  • Knowlesdinho
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    If you're a trader you won't need to worry about losing coins because you'll continue trading to offset any loss.

    Anyway, congratulations, Mbappe is amazing to use. I traded to Mbappe and Neymar. Currently using them with Depay, Auoar, IF Renato, Di Maria.

  • regia5bg
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    I'm a trader but I find pointless to buy someone worth 500k (ex.) that will be 300k after 1 months, it wouldn't give me back enough money with some more win xD

    With more objectives and cheap players coming (POTMs, FBs, ...) I think I'll be careful investing, while players like Di Maria at 15k (also considering full chemistry) are surely welcome.

    Lacazette SL could be an option, but I don't like that much his card, so I'd go with Bernal, as it's hybridable with Spanish players, and anyway in a position with far less options.

    But that will take time.

    I'll start with my PL team subbing someone for Mbappè atm xD
  • IanFreeman
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    What’s the best chem style to put on mbappe?


  • AjaxLegends
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    IanFreeman wrote: »
    What’s the best chem style to put on mbappe?




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