First 5 games and thoughts

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Early impressions but have played 5 and won 4 and lost 1.

Way too easy to get behind the defence and am creating a dozen or more chances a game. Not scored less than 4 so far.

The one defeat I lost 7-5. Silly.

Crossing and heading is back mind which is good to see. Defence needs to be more solid and better AI and tackling is ping pong with every chance the guy with the ball will keep it.

Too high scoring but then again so is the Premier league this season.


  • blue166
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    I would say watch out for those who know how to defend and sit everyone in the middle and play tactical. These people will sit in and defend first above all else.

    They are out there. And they play very methodical.

    Once you move up a few divisions.
  • marktko
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    Yep already realising defending is going to be the key this year.

    Am playing 433 attack at moment but will see about switching further up the leagues - if I get there of course....

    Still seems very difficult to win a tackle even against weaker opposition
  • BiigDee
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    Manual defending is asking to much. Everything favours the attacker now and there’s no in between. Most who say defending is easy are usually sat at 1 depth chasing with a CDM. I’m all for switch players but the mechanics are to slow for me. Plus a long ball over the top leaves your midfield bypassed and they don’t make any effort to get back. You can’t select them all and drag back as the opponent has already scored.
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