Ultimate Difficulty

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Hey all,

How is the Ultimate difficulty setting? What would set it apart from Legendary? I’ve only used the latter, since the ultimate difficulty setting was destroyed in FIFA 20. I used to like it, though, before it turned into what I thought was just silly: super fast and strong opposition, etc. Not more intelligent AI, but difficulty such that results in very unrealistic play (slow defenders beating fast strikers with their pace etc.)

Is the FIFA 21 Ultimate setting better?


  • MJD85
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    Better? yes
    Ultimate? no

    Problem is the amount of goals.
    On legendary you’ll win 4-1/5-2
    On ultimate it will be 4-3/5-4
  • L4r14m
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    OK I guess I should give it a go. Maybe with e.g. shooting errors increased a little the amount of goals will stay within reasonable limits.

    What, in your experience, is the explanation for the difference? Why does the opposition score more goals on ultimate?
  • When you turn on the competitor mode it still easy not challenging.
  • L4r14m
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    Yeah I don’t like that mode - makes it all look weird. Way too much skillz.
  • L4r14m
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    Changed to Ultimate. I’ve liked it better. Can’t say why exactly. Somehow the flow of the game seems more natural. Also, scores such as 1-1 or 2-1 most recently, so that looks OK.
  • I changed to ultimate and it’s still a bit easy, in competitor mode all they do it more needless skills. What sliders should I change to make the A.I defend better, because making the goalkeeper harder changed nothing.
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