Better off watching football

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But no EA GOALKEEPERS be like stuck in the mud like a pig, stick one arm out and you stick one leg out and shake it all about.



  • Smsalnuaimi
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    No they are good
  • Fifapayne
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    Goalies are fine.
    Learn to defend better
    We don’t need goalies bailing people out cause you can’t defend
  • Gazmac_868
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    Your better off watching real football in general pal.
  • Grezzerk
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    I do feel that shooting definitely needs nerfing. Players with 60 something finishing shouldn’t be smashing in goals for fun every time. Weak foot needs sorting aswell. Weak foot doesn’t seem to exist. So many times I’ve forced someone on to there weakfoot just to see them smash it top corner anyway with pinpoint accuracy.

    My biggest annoyance with the game though is interceptions. I’m learning to defend better and making good progress I feel. However the interceptions just seem so random. Il move my defender to block the passing lane and then it’s 50/50 whether they actually bother to intercept. I wish there was a button you could press that made your player lunge in the way of the ball. What’s worse is I’m in a lower division than I feel I should be currently so a lot of guys I’m playing are so predictable yet I just can’t intercept for some reason half the time despite being right in line which leads to then scoring.
  • Kasuyo
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    Goalkeepers are disgusting in the game, I mean seriously defend better I can defend but goalkeepers should be able to save easy shots.

    If goalkeepers were represented in real life from fifa football would be not worth watching at all.

    Games would be 7 to 6 per game.

    Defend better lol its all good saying that but you have to have a line where goalkeeper has to be in good position and able to move properly.

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