"We Play Seasons" Elite Pro Clubs Signups (PS4/5)

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Hi Guys

In July, I formed a Pro Clubs team from some of the worlds best Seasons players. Nine of us agreed to set up a pro clubs team from scratch. Most of us had never played pro clubs before but we won Div One 8 times within a few months of playing Fifa 20.

We are looking to improve the team and only want people with amazing seasons records. Our goal is simple: to become a Top 100 team in Fifa 21 and finish as high on the leaderboards as possible.

We play once a week on a Tue at 8pm UK time and sometimes 8pm on a Fri. We would be delighted if there were similar great Seasons players out there who would want to have a session with us to see if it might be something they are interested in.

We make no apologies for keeping the qualification entry into our team quite high. Here's what you have to be:

- A Seasons player in Fifa 20/21
- A Division One player with multiple title wins
- At LEAST a 2:1 win ratio
- PS4 with aims to get a PS5 by end Dec
- A chilled person, no stress
- Mature (in age or brain)
- Have a mic
- Can play at 8pm UK time on Tue + Fri

Also, since our team is nearly full, I am considering forming a "B" team who would give the "A" team competition. We would be looking for players but also a manager who simply needs to be reliable and dependable. I will help them manage the team until they are ready.

Finally, although we are committed to win and be the best we can be, we also want to have fun and a laugh while we do it. It is just a game after all :)

TO APPLY: drop your PSN ID below and I'll send you a friend request or, better still, send me a friend request to PSN ID: bonusbertie

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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