Time for Plan B -SORTED NOW

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Sorry to bother you all folks, but I have a bit of a dilemma...

So, I'd been plugging away for a couple of days to pull together enough coins for a Desailly and Blanc CB pairing, to keep Mr. Vieira company. So I've bought a cheeky Marcel, but I've been scuppered by Blanc's price rising steadily through the day. (Seriously, missed 3 on the final bid due to lack of cash).
So... Can any of you good, good people offer any views on purchasing a
Plan B legend CB? Cannavaro, Hierro and Rijkaard are the 3 options available..

Or there is the radical PLAN G..

Sell Desailly (I already have 3 decent Cb's, TOTY Ramos, TOTS Boateng and IF Hummels), and blow the budget upgrading from normal Bale to the shiny pink version.. It would reflect his normal form in my Wales national team I have lovingly created and nurtured!

Any advice appreciated, or just tell me to go away if you want
Taaaa laaa!
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