Returning from injury issue.

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I had a player injured in career mode for a few weeks. Was looking forward to the realistic sharpness feature for when he could start training again.

I got the message to say he could return to training and up to me when to play him. So I tried putting him in a training drill but it just has the injured symbol and won't let me (the same symbol used when they can't play). But on the team sheet page he has the minor injury symbol and can play him
So he can play a game but not train.


  • Same thing happened to me.
  • Acidvenus
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    Just to update, I hadn't played career mode since so didn't explore further.

    Even with minor injury I couldn't start him in the game but let me start the game with him on the bench.
    Then during the game I tried to bring him on and told me I couldn't because a player is severely injured.

    Reported in bugs but that's just full of account issues.
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