Most underrated players

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As the title says who is your most underrated player that your using of which Is generally looked over by other players? I’m not talking about any meta players, more low value players who go under the radar. It may be someone you’ve had from a starter team and carried on using despite getting more coins.

Mine is Ruben Neves from Wolves. I haven’t really seen another squad using him but despite not having great pace his other stats are pretty steady. I use him as a more reserved centre mid and his passing is very consistent and accurate, keeping everything ticking over while also being able to play a defender splitting pass when needed. He also possesses the long shot taker trait and always seems to go close or work the keeper with efforts from distance, Great from corners being cleared. I’ve chosen Neves over some other cm’s such as van de Beek and can see him being part of my squad for quite a while - underrated especially seeing as he is currently going for 1200.

What underrated players are you enjoying using?


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