Ideas for better co-op

55 posts Park Captain
First of all, great to see co-op in FUT. My friends and I have always enjoyed to play couch co-op in FUT, so making it possible to play co-op online is an amazing feature for us. However, we all agree that this feature could be much more fleshed out. Here are a few of our thoughts so far. Feel free to share yours, so EA can hopefully pick up some good ideas.

1) A co-op game should always have the same number of human players on each side. It is extremely unbalanced and unfair when it is 2 vs 1, 3 vs 2, etc. Often, other players quit when they see that you are more than one, so it can also be quite a hassle to even find a match.

2) The rivals skill rating makes you go up against opponnents that are not necessarily on your level when playing co-op. Maybe there is already a system that tries to match based on all participating players, but in that case it is not working well. My friends and I are always matched against opponnents that might fit my level when playing alone, but we get totally destroyed together.

3) We would love a lot of co-op related stats for each human player that follows your account, both when playing online and couch co-op offline. Goals, assists, pass completion rate, some badges and accolades that shows what type of player you are. Would be really cool with these stats to get more insights in playing styles - and of course bragging rights!
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