Red cards.!

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as i face 0 faces for me /against me
are you getting red carded /your opponents?
even tackle from behind with yellow carded player was a foul but never Red for me


  • MazerM
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    I got a red card playing last night, my lb blocked the ball carrier in the box and was off, straight red.
  • Murphdogz
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    Ive had more red cards than I hit the post get red card even when not controlling the player
  • yosef167
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    Why only me No
    atleast its in The game.
  • Frog_of_Wisdom
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    I’m yet to get a red card against me when I feel like there should of been at least one 😂

    Also me and my friend were playing co-op and he got my Son a yellow card in like the 10th minute and then when we went back to the game after the cutscene and above our team was a red and he was gone?!? The referee literally showed a yellow and that was it then he’d been sent off, crazy.

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