How is Sissoko?

Anyone have Played him and could tell me if hes much worse than Allan?
I have Allan and he is awesome but Sissoko would be a big help chemistry wise.

Played as CM in a 4-4-2 with De Jong being other CM


  • Ludaslol
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    I have him and Allan. He is Great on everything expect sluggish on the ball
  • Double_D
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    I have both Allan and Sissoko in a 41212 narrow. Allan at cdm, sissoko lcm. They both do what I need them to do. Sissoko is the most ‘noticeable’ player in the midfield. Always there and always bossing opponents around. His shot is garbage though.
  • Ftl
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    Sissoko and allan rock my midfield. Sissoko his stock in game is vieira ish with his extendable legs en physical precense. Lacks in shooting like stated above.

    Edit: to Answer your question, i would say sissoko for in which you dont get him in the attack, allan can do it all to be fair. If chem is the problem why dont go ndombele?
  • fussydutchman
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    Sissoko is great on defense and absolutely terrible in the attack. He can't score to save his life.
  • Thanks all for youre comments, really helped and kind of what i thougth about Sissoko. He would be my stay back cm anyway (what Allan is atm with De Jong being the Offensive one)

    It’s More about fitting Son in while already having Hazard (as striker) and Dembele in Team and Loving them. But i think 3 LMs is too much 😂

    Current one, 442 in Game

    Hazard Son
    Dembele FDJ Allan Moura
    Alba Carlos Kounde Semedo

    Any Suggestions cem wise?
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