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I am really liking the gameplay this year, so much better than the PTB of the past couple of years.

However at times I am struggling with player switching, which is vital for manual defending. Can take me a few attempts to get onto the player I want and when that happens your opponent has already scored.

Looking for a little advice from those of you that are good defenders, do you use player relative or ball relative switching in your settings? Any other switching tips also appreciated. Thanks


  • Rsscllghn
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    Think mine is set to player relative. I use the right analog quite often to switch to a player!
  • malky
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    I use player relative mate. Best tip I can give you is don't rush player switching. Assess the situation before deciding whether it's best to right stick switch or L1 switch. If you constantly switch as your opponent passes the ball before you know it you've no idea which player your controlling.
  • Phiba
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    I use player relative, have been thinking about trying the ball relative but i'd probably forget and confuse myself :D

    I use right stick to switch and generally it's been fine, although a couple of times i've noticed you have to be absolutely spot on it the direction you push to get the player you want ( a bit like passing in Fifa 21).
  • tedski69
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    Yeah player switching is a bit harder this time around.

    The most annoying thing is having 2 centre backs and as soon as control one (& without switching) it moves to the other and back and forth ridiculous quickly leading to you being unable to stop the striker just going through the middle and tapping it past your awful keeper.

    It really looks stupid.

    Best way I've found to defend is to just get as many players behind the ball as you can and don't sell yourself with a tackle you can't win.
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