Nothing changed in 4 years

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So the last fifa I bought was 16 or 17 from memory. Game was pretty poor but the reason for not buying again was more to do with falling out of love with the game. However the career mode itch came again so I decided to buy 21.

Its embarrassing how little has changed from the last title I played.

Player runs are yet again abysmal, you have to spam the initiate run button to get any movement, and even then they run the wrong way you need them to. Build up consists of CM to WF, to CF then just give up and give it to a full back to bomb down the wing and cross it in.

However the opposition have the advantage of hoofing the ball continually down your wing and bombing it 30 yards. Thankfully they can't remember how to cross so generally the threat isn't so bad.

Once again the space between your back four and midfield ceases to exist. As even if your CDM is told to stay there he'll still make runs into the opposition box no matter what. And when you need him in that space to make a challenge, nowhere to be seen.

Sliders and custom tactics have such little impact aswell, can't even save the gameplay myself. Its so abysmal, unless you give in and ping pong speed abuse your way to victory.

Time to save money for a pc for FM, as football sims on console are a long way from being what they were (in pes') case anyway.
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