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Fifa 19:
Nerfed = pace, lofted through balls

Fifa 20:
Nerfed = Finesse shots, headers, lofted through balls

Fifa 21
Lofted Through balls, headers are back!
Nerfed: Vision, all un-timed distance shots, ball feels like a half-filled basketball

So like... you EA guys never really make any changes to gameplay do ya... ya kinda just tinker around with what works 1 year to the next to ensure the game doesn’t get too overpowered... then it takes folks time to figure that out and you have to find new ways to tinker all over again? Nice system ya got there guys.

How does it work.. do you guys like have a list of all the things you do in the game and then play spin the bottle for what gets aspect gets whacked one year to the next? I’m curious.

Gameplay Nerf Bingo!

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