Career mode - review of chnages

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So - after being cautiously optimistic about improvements to career mode, unfortunately the reality is, good intent, bad execution.

Situation update
-I was loving this... right up until i realized that the development plan is fatally flawed - for example - a player like Salah takes 2 weeks to convert to a CAM but 529 weeks to convert to a striker?? He plays striker when Liverpool drops into a 4231 or 442 - but for some reason he can’t do this in FIFA? So as it stands - if i play Salah as a striker, his overall drops by 3-4 pionts.. even tho it’s a position he plays IRL. Like this with numerous players who play diff positions in real life. Experience ruined.

-Trainings - this is beyond tedious - my least favorite part of any career mode / franchise in any time is training - now Fifa has doubled down on its relative importance? That’s a mistake. You need to make this optional for career mode. Training is boring. Boring. Boring. I don’t want to spend hours going through these trainings every preseason / time i start a CM so i can sim them out. The trainings are also poorly developed - so that’s an added issue. Please fix this. This is a pencils down issue. If this is still in the game in the next few months I’m doing playing - it’s too boring i can’t deal with it. I’ve (only) played about 6 hours since i bought the game on Monday - each time i put the game down because i was annoyed from having to do trainings. Then i put it down for several days - not really good for your user engagement stats guys. By this time last year i was probably 20 hours of gameplay. I’m less interested this year because this is suuuuper boring.

Youth squad - i like this so far but would consider it incremental improvement - not overwhelming.

Game SIM feature - haven’t used this yet because i don’t see the point in it - but I’m assuming it’s not broken.

Transfers - the loan to buy system undervalues your players and only offers you back players you’d never want. So this is pointless - but suppose it technically “works”.

Ok so i just went through 5 of the 5 major career mode updates. 1 is broken, 1 is awful, 3 are pretty good but not that big of a deal.

Oh one other thing - they updated the scripts on the press conferences / player emails. It’s now at a quality level where it should’ve been when they actually impmeneted this. But it’s still pointless / uninteresting.

This can’t be what you guys consider improvements. You’re literally detracting from the game by updating it.

You should hire me - i work in strategy - i used to play this game a lot before you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it up through neglect and poor direction. Give me a ring.


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