Will the Regen system ever change?

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I have discovered lately that each time a player retires, he gets a regen player from youth academy, will this ever change? And what do you guys all tihnk about it? I think it can be fun, but also not fun, what d'yall reckon?


  • BadJohnnyCash
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    What academy is the player in?

    Are the traits the same like height and size of player etc?

    Any tips how to find them? Eg if I wanted a Zlatan regen, would he be at Milan.
  • CHYP2074
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    Well I am really not sure would love to help you, but basically they would be close to the same if not the absolute same, except for clubs
  • CHYP2074
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    I think you will have to search for him on the makret
  • The height of the player usually changes. It is straight garbage to be honest. Usually, if the player retires on your team, you'll have to find that a next gen on the "Free agent" market. Always check ur "Freeagents" after every season.
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