"Special" packs

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So when can we expect the useless 7500 packs to be not the only packs one can open ?

Any idea when there will be decent packs actually worth purchasing (whether with FP or coins) ?

Funny to see those guys with 5 mio teams while the only packs available thus far are just moronic packs. I'm fine spending big bucks in this game, have done so for years, but they must have spent not only money but considerable amount of time if they only bought those ugly 7500 packs, the only ones available for now.

When can we expect decent packs, tomorrow night at 7 pm ?


  • FifaTraderNM
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    The game isn’t even officially out... you can wait till they release those packs but you’ll back trash. The reason it is good to open the 7.5k packs is because a lot of players are worth something. If you wait you’ll open better packs but the chance you packing someone worth more diminishes
  • Rutta
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    Don’t think they bring special packs out on release as they don’t need to tempt people to buy packs as people are smashing them regardless
  • tzinc
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    they only release special packs when people stop buying the terrible packs people always buy terrible packs at the start
  • juliuscaesar8
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    There should be special packs tomorrow
  • Grezzerk
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    Well those “useless packs” got me van dijk after 19 and icon veron 86 after 12k. Along with many other low/mid range players. Loaded up 18,150 fifa points.
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