Cashley Cole or baby Carlos?

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I took baby carlos last year from the icon objectives and kept him until the end, I just try to build an icon team (as a gooner is usually old skool invincibles, never get anywhere near Prime Vieira let alone moments and never touch bobby P as he’s been done a dis-service on FIFA) not sure how that works for meta regarding lots of icons but hey ho. So what are the thoughts on cole or carlos at LB?


  • SteGriff83
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    No true “gooner” is having Cole in their team surely?
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    SteGriff83 wrote: »
    No true “gooner” is having Cole in their team surely?

    I never thought ill of him for going to be honest. 99.9% of everyone would change employers for the pay increase he got. RVP on the other hand???? We took Sol and Gallas without a thought so whars the difference I think? That said would you take cashley or roberto?

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    So happy to hear the name cashley cole again 😂Ah I loved him at Chelsea so much, he was a joy to watch. Solid defensively and always on the attack.

    I used his baby and his mid. While the pace is much better on the baby the mids defending is already elite for the rest of the year. He’s been outstanding for me in these 50 or so games. He’s here till the end.
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