Pre-order packs paid out... advice?

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Received my two rare gold packs at midnight. First pack I opened and got IF Lozano who fits perfectly with my RB Malcuit. I did get a walkout though... Neymar!

I was stunned to say the least.

So... so I keep him or sell him?

If I sold I could get the Real Madrid line and be set on defense for a while. I can make a pretty great team and still have 400k in the bank. Does this seem like the obvious choice? Thanks for any advice?


  • Toad2338
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    Personally, if you won't use him you should sell now and buy your team before everything rises again over the weekend. I'd try him out though hear he's unreal!

    Great pull
  • sjncomic
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    Thanks man! I think I will use him for now. He will always sell big so it’s like having a savings account lol
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