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I will list some positive and negative changes for FIFA 21 according to me.

I have been playing FIFA on PC with keyboard since 1996 and this year I really see some very good changes in the game which is great but I also noticed some changes that are going in the wrong direction. I am talking about the FUT mode only and here are my thoughts, go ahead and downvote if you want but you might wanna read them first and think about it for a sec:

Positive changes:

-Better servers, my ping went from 60-70 to 10-20 this year

-Co-Op mode was introduced

-Better and more detailed filters in the transfer market

Negative changes:

-Shortened time for after goal celebration

-Removed several celebrations in online mode

-Your opponent can now skip your goal replay

-Your opponent can skip your offside replay or penalty replay

In a few words - all of those negative changes could have been handled much better, if some crybabies get offended from a goal celebration or replay then so be it, goal celebration and goal replay is part of the life even in the real world so I see no problem with that. The gaming world should stop catering for a bunch of kids that cant handle they anger and emotions.

This feature was also part of the game for over 20. If you want to do something that prevents toxicity then do those changes but in the WEEKEND LEAGUE only. I lost satisfaction in scoring goals because I cannot watch the replays even when scoring bangers.

Things that I still wish to see in game (PC player perspective).

-Button in the keybindings that allows me to switch to "dribble" mode when I hold it, instead of having two sets of arrows.

-At least some form of in game chat, game is becoming more and more co-op focused and its kinda hard to make friends in-game when you cannot actually communicate in any way.

- Give us at least one more option to change club name, like it was in the past, currently you can change it only once and if you make a mistake you are stuck with wrong name the whole year and not even EA support can help you.


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    Yeah I like people not being able to shush all the way to the half way line, stops them from wasting my precious Trial seconds.
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