Can't get into games (VOLTA)

Whenever we search for games we get the message, "Unable to set up match" we probably find a game every one in 10 searches. Other 9 times that message pops up. Does anyone get this and or know how to fix it. Would appreciate


  • This has been happening to me constantly and every time it fails I get a loss. Quite a few people have mentioned this.

    They need to reset all W-D-L records after fixing this I reckon or find a way to delete all those auto losses.
  • Elias_Samson
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    volta is broken.which is a shame because its probably the best mode in the game, if it actually worked.

    would hope ea would patch it, but people say if its not fut they dont care
  • What a shame, I'm genuinely enjoying this mode. But I can't play any further because of the constant "unable to set up match" error.
  • Elias_Samson
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    at first i thought maybe just no one played it and couldn't find opponents. but if you enter a drop in, other players will join very quickly, and therefore i would imagine other lobbies are getting players quickly too. so its obviously a problem on ea's end. the question is, will they bother to fix it. if that happened on ut it would be fixed within a week.

    my 3 problems with volta
    1 connection to games/finding games (obviously)
    2 no friendlies on squads
    3 you can't play as gk? (correct me if i'm wrong but it appears that you can't)

    i've been on fifa all day today and i've played about 5 games. tried to play volta, got a couple of games eventually. played pro clubs divisions(the only game mode that worked) then tried to play pro ranked match to boost my vp, but like volta thats broken too.
  • Volta is Broken, loss match and no play........
  • BigRichh
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    I wonder if they fix this
  • Come on EA... give some respect for your customers.. we want to play Volta and have some fun.. last 2 days i can't play 1 single match!

    I can't find opponents or when i find i get error before the game start.

    Just fix your best game mode...
  • ChrisW1991
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    Same old same old with an EA product.. Finally they get people across to Volta due to the new Co op features and the mode becomes broken for online play.. Can't make it up, pathetic
  • Dear EA,

    I promote fifa21, especially VOLTA multiplayer. So, my friends and I spend thousands on x series and fifa21 to get ready and we paid are season dues but can hardly get a game per hour completed.

    How is this connection broken? Please fix “unable to setup match” and “cannot find opponent”


    P.S. Am I the only one who passes?

    P.S.S. Am I the only one that is sick of buying beta products, that should be functional on release.

    SQUALLBALL since EA NHL 92/93


  • New patch today and nothing about fixing this bug in VOLTA...

    Are you kidding EA?

    Made the following changes:

    - Music now plays during matches played in the VOLTA STADIUM.
    - When a new Featured Battles event starts while the player is already in the Featured Battles menu, the player will be taken to the main menu and receive a message explaining that the new event has begun.
    - Added an on screen indicator while Drop-In matchmaking is in progress.

    Addressed the following issues:

    - The menu was briefly active while searching for a Drop-In match.
    - VOLTA COINS were not displaying in the Gear Up menu when it was accessed through Squad Management.
    - In some locations, the PA Announcer and music were too quiet.
    - The Player Growth Overall UI was incorrectly sized on the post match screens.
    - Sometimes, the same Objective would display multiple times on the Milestone Progress screen following match completion.
    - Sometimes, the menu would display incorrect button callouts and greyed out options following a controller disconnect.
    - Updated the placeholder image that was present when hovering over Mbappé in a match lobby.
    - The Defending Novice Skill Game would get stuck in an endless loop if the ball went out of bounds.
    - Addressed a stability issue which could sometimes occur during a Featured Battles match.
    - During a celebration, an AI teammate would sometimes move erratically.
    - In the Net Flicks Skill Game, the player controlled Avatar would make an automatic pass on the first attempt after a retry.
    - In the Net Flicks Skill game, an AI player would sometimes prevent the Skill Game from being completed by moving the ball to an area out of play.
    - Controls conflict on mouse and keyboard controls after using the one button option.
    - The event timer now displays days instead of hours where appropriate.
  • ChrisW1991
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    You promote Volta with Co op and it doesn't even work 😂 😂 😂 what a surprise, this company never fails to give a broken mode, last year career mode and now Volta.. Joke
  • will volta work or not? I wanna money back if not. This make me very ungry

    Another frustrating hour of failed this and failed that.

    PLZ fix Volta drop in and lobby connection

  • This is so frustrating! Since launch I have been able to get into 3 games only - everytime I get opponent found but then unable to set up match. I just want the division 3 trophy but it's impossible without getting into a game!
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    Wrong thread.

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