How are player overall ratings discussed/decided

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A question which I guess can only really be answered by the team behind EA, there are numerous overall ratings which are honestly just baffling to me. I'll try to give you a couple of examples to compare other players to.

So starting this off -

If Werner is downgraded to an 85, how is Rashford deserving of an 85?
If Haaland is worth a big boost to 84, how is Werner only worth a downgrade to 85?
If Pulisic is only worth an 81, how is Bergwijn worth an 83?
What is the basis for Henderson and Pogba being rated the same at 86?
Why should Lukaku at 85 be rated so far behind Kane at 88?

What is your explanation for this, Kane has been injury prone and whilst Bale being injury prone and inactive has suffered a huge downgrade Kane somehow dodged this.... Why is there an inconsistency?

Take a look at Real Madrids ratings and tell me these overalls are acceptable... We all know what is happening here, there is no way that you give a PL player at age 34 an 89 but because he is a Real Madrid player lets just ignore the norm (Sergio Ramos) It's B.S. and you know it.
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