Online Seasons - Friendly Matches

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Why still has EA not put a friendly section in Online Seasons. So we can have Seasons League Campaign, Seasons Cup mode and Seasons Online friendlies.

Friendly matches would be good to have against random online players when you don't want the pressure of league matches. I would certainly spend more time on the game as I can't always focus and concentrate 100% for league games.

Or failing the above please just continue to reset Seasons Cup mode every 24hrs and leave it running daily. Again I will play more this way.


  • GoonerSoldier
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    They had unranked friendlies in FUT mode on 20. They can easily give us unranked seasons. As a manual player its damn near impossible to find a manual online game. I would play unranked seasons matches against assisted players. But it seems EA is purposely trying to kill seasons so that everyone spends more 💸 in FUT.
  • blue166
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    EA? Why on earth can we not play friendly matches against random players online. Leave all the online settings in place like tactical defending etc... just let us play some games without pressure. I would spend so many more hours on the game.

  • Bonusb3rtie
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    I actually find the format is fine. Cup matches you can play without pressure and when the it finishes you get down to the competative stuff.

    If you put in friendlies or cups on constantly loads would just turn to that imo and matches would be harder to find in Seasons mode.

    It would split the population further and Seasons already has a much smaller fanbase than FUT.
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