Cheat engine still working on Ultimate Team '21 - Safe & Undetected Cheats in Ultimate Team

C o b r a
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Lol game isnt even out and ppl already cheats on rivals/draft with the same s*** old cheat engine!
On a popular forum - i have url but wont copy here, but its so easy to google - there are already multiple cheats avaiable for fifa '21 UT, with indications for every cheats that says if its safe or not to use! and where its safe or not (wl, draft, rivals etc.)!

WTF is that EA?? Are u frikin kidding ur customers?? Insta dc cheat, insta win, Match Making cheat, weak foot/5 star skills all avaiable and undetected workin right now on PC! This is so akward for a multinational like yours!

I know its been a long time this crap goes on - i played '17 and never came back on pc - but cmon, now its going too far and its 2020! Is your new product free to cheats on Pc? Why we should buy it on Steam? Why releasing a game with such laziness on a big platform like steam?
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  • ||natch0||
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    Thats why I'm leaving PC for PS5 as soon as possible. Been like this for as long as I can remember....
  • hhoverflow
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    It's actually very simple : Problem exists since years and EA just don't care.

    Not to mention Squad Battles cheaters and people that use legacy defending, always green time finesse shoot, 5* weak foot and etc.

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