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Wow, quiet in here, huh? Anyway, for any of you more familiar than I am with Career Mode, a quick question:
If you're playing Career as a pro, do other teams ever submit transfer offer for you unsolicited, or do they only express interest and then you have to request a transfer? I've played through 3 seasons now, and they never seem to make an offer on their own.


  • Robbie9
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    Hi, I've had it occasionally, but not very often. Generally it seems like you need to have a good player at a (relatively) smaller club. I think my pro was in Ligue 1 and got unsolicited offers from Man City, he might have been rated in the low-mid 80s overall.
  • Jim
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    Yeah, I got to 84 by the middle of my first season, and I'm guessing no club will be willing to give me up without a request from now on. The sad thing is that this mechanic gives no reward for staying with a club. So I may as well submit a transfer request after every full season and get to play with new players.
  • Robbie9
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    I guess it depends if they get an offer they can't refuse!
    The transfer system leaves a lot to be desired too. I often want to stay at a club, but the AI sells off a stack of players in one position. I've had clubs sell nearly all of the backs and never replace them. When this starts I've started handing in transfer requests.
  • Desposito48
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    that's pretty bad that it does that. career mode is so uninspired. it's just there. it's bland. im playing nba 2k15 and you can tell they really took their time and put a lot of detail into their manager and career modes. this post will probably get deleted cause im talking about nba 2k.
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