Afrique Show - A Sub-Saharan RTG - WE HAVE A TEAM

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Here we go again then, lads and lasses. Another year, full of hope, expectation and ultimately disappointment!

For the last few years I’ve pumped a fair bit of money in on Day 1, only to find myself bored to tears after a few weeks with no real idea of what to build. I’ve realised that what I enjoy about FUT is the grind, the gradual building of the club, and to always be working towards a new milestone or improvement, rather than the ‘buy anyone you want’ mentality.

So I was trying to think of an interesting concept, something that was a bit more freeing than a single nation team, but a bit more restrictive than just choosing a league.

And so, Afrique Show is born!


Probably stating the obvious here, but the concept is to make the best All African team I can. The title’s not quite literal, I will be including players from the whole of Africa and not just Sub-Saharan Africa.

There will be obvious weak points, i.e. goalkeeper, but I’m hoping for a few special cards especially in weak positions. I’m also a very casual player, play a lot offline and stuff, so it’s nothing to take too seriously.


I want this to be fun and not too much like a chore, so I’m keeping the rules pretty loose.
  • Obviously, no money to be spent on FIFA Points
  • All players must be registered to an African nation
  • All players must be on 5 chemistry or above
  • All packed players can go straight into the team, otherwise a player must have played at least ten games for the club before he can be replaced from the transfer market, and never by more than +2 OVR each time
  • Starter team must all be rated 80 or lower, with the exception of packed players
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