Goal keeper kit changing

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I really want we can have the option to change goal keeper kit home/away sometimes. I'd love to have that. I found out some youtube video that goal keepers are wearing the different kit comparing to default kit for some clubs Such as Liverpool, in the game Liverpool's goal keeper always wear away kit no matter what. But somehow, the clip shows Alisson in the home kit. So if there is a way, can someone tell me?


  • MrMTFC
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    Gks have a set kit for the home and away strips, think they generally wear the set home kit when the outfield players wear the home kit and same for away.

    They sometimes change the gks kit as sometimes their kit could clash with the other teams. I assume it's the same in fifa but I've never looked or noticed
  • Conceal
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    In the game, sometimes goalkeepers wear the same color as their opposite team. Fifa choose the away kit for goal keeper to avoid this situation but it still happen. I really want to change it.
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