What do you enjoy the most about FUT at the start of a new FIFA?

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Not a lot of people would agree but I enjoy starting from scratch and using non rare and lower rated rare players at the start and finding some hidden gems! I tend to avoid my starter team being prem based as it's quite expensive to start but I've found some great players in the other leagues over the years! Building the team itself on the web app before release is fun but it's a bit time consuming trying to trade, only have the motivation to make about 15-20k.

So what does everyone else enjoy? Trading, SBCs, opening packs, just jumping straight into playing games etc...


  • Antalyan
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    making a team on futbin , i enjoy more than console :)
  • lewspaz
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    Using nothing but NIF's and IF's for the first few weeks before they start bringing out the garbage promos
  • RadioShaq
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    Not everyone is on 99 pace.
  • Gromit
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    The start of FUT is the only time it has any semblance of normality, and plays remotely like it should.

    After that its the road to 99 where players become Marvel characters and have superhuman abilities.
  • BadSeedsFC
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    Finding hidden gems on starter and cheap squads. As soon as TOTY comes out everything starts to fall apart. Until then it's really fun, even with the weird Voldemort stuff happening in game.
  • Skorpio71
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    most teams being different
  • AlexBear012
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    Improving your team from nothing

    The game gets way too many cards after TOTY imo

    If they removed few promos, i would love this game more
  • swfcfan89
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    It's fun to start from scratch, knowing that others are doing the same.

    It's also before all the ridiculous rainbow cards start to make it a bit daft and before everybody knows the meta and has similar teams.

    The start of a new FUT is the only reason I still buy FIFA. I've played and still play far, far superior games but nothing comes close to the thrill of a new FUT season, at least for me anyway.
  • Bobo23
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    The fact that top players like CR7, Mbappe, Messi, Salah, Mane and co actually feel unique. Then after Christmas every player becomes the same with the super juiced cards.

    The first few months are the best no doubt!
  • Trading
  • YaBoyDanny
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    Fresh game, everyone starts with nothing. Having the drive to grind as much as possible. Top players are hard to come by so you barely see neymar and such. Doing SBC's actually mean something and you can make mad profit early on. I can't wait.
  • PlacidCasual77
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    Slightly off topic but does anyone agree that an option to matchmake against silver, non-rare gold teams, etc, would increase the longevity of the game?. I agree that the beginning of FUT is always the most fun. This is where you might experiment and try different things. Even if it took longer to actually get a match, it’d be more fun playing unusual teams and formations. Plus a fun place to practice with players.
  • Pieman25
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    Building up coins where getting a 30k player feels like I'm buying PIM Ronaldo.
  • Gromit
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    Slightly off topic but does anyone agree that an option to matchmake against silver, non-rare gold teams, etc, would increase the longevity of the game?..

    Of course, its beyond ridiculous the state the game is in that you only have 1 option to realistically build with, Gold, As meta as possible cards.

    Everythings else is either SBC fodder or required only for the odd objective.

    The desire to sell points rather than make a fun, interesting balanced game has destroyed everything good about the game.
  • Bakudu76
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    Trading and
    Having a better team than 90% of the people a play against.
  • RichT
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    Everyone doing different things and not all try to exploit any game mechanic they can.

    Building lots of teams, got 7so far
  • SignpostSounder
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    The first week while half the droolers are trying to work out what the new meta is so that they don't have to actually play football. The other half of Team Drool is trading and opening packs, because they refuse to play the game unless they have Mbappe and Neymar.

    Actually playing football during that time is usually pretty good fun.

    Then a week passes, and you suddenly have people claiming that they've always been massive fans of Adama Traore, Rodrigo, and DeAndre Yedlin and that they only use players that they really love.
  • Mic2904
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    Trading, first and foremost!
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