All EA's Mistakes (FIFA 21) Counter: 25

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Here's the fifa 20 thread *started on Jan 1st 2020*

FIFA 21 Mistakes:


Mistake 1:

30th September

Web App Hybrid and Nations SBCSs say they require FUT Swaps, when its actually rare players


Mistake 2:

You can somehow list players below their minimum value.


Mistake 3:

1st October

Everyone you play online appears as "Fut founder"

(not just me)

Mistake 4:

2nd October

Multiple kits in game don't have a badge on their kit.



Mistake 5:

5th October

Tonali OTW SBC shows up as a loan reward even though its not


Mistake 6:

9th October

16th October 2020;

This day has been an eventful day, Mistakes, foolishness and a overall disaster from EA.

Here's everything that happened on this day thread by @tommyboyo ;

I'm adding 5+ to the counter.

Mistake 12:

The milestone "score in 200" in Champions Mastery were you have to score in 200 matches using a full squad of rare players doesn't work like it's supposed to....

its says score in 200 matches using a full rare team, i have a fully rare teams but with informs.. but obviously the informs aren't counting as "rare" players....

Mistake 13:

21st October

Ea leaked inform florenzi by upgrading his OTW in game stats


Mistake 14:

30th October

Apparently in friendlies you can be tied after 90minutes the game goes into ET and there are no penalties....

Seems like a mistake but could be done on purpose.... will add it anyway.

Mistake 15:

2nd nov

Mistake 16:

EA released the new TOTW into red picks almost a day before the actual release of the TOTW

11th nov

Mistake 17:

12th nov

Mistake 18:

13th nov


Mistake 19;

1st Dec

EA instagram think Sabitzer plays for salzburg


Mistake 20;

2nd Dec

EA put the TOTW into concepts before being announced

Mistake 21;

6th Dec

Says score 62 goals, but it's /80...


Mistake 22;

9th Dec


Mistake 23;

22nd Dec

EA released new freeze players into pack a day early (before official annoucement)


Mistake 24

23rd dec

Mistake 25;

13th Jan

EA leaked the day of TOTY annoucement in the script of this website
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