(UK) Ethernet cable 5 bar signal with 16ms ping.. Still bloody laggy and unresponsive. Why? Ea Why?

I am using 512mb Virgin Broadband. Ethernet cable directly connected to PS4 pro (4K TV). I am getting 5 bar signal with 14ms - 28ms ping almost all the game.

I did hard reset on PS4.
I did DMZ on PS4 connection.
Deleted the game and re-installed it.
Pointing DNS to different IP Address

After Once in a blue moon I get super smooth game-play from nowhere. But most of the games are unresponsive, laggy and it takes a while players to turn or move. It's frustrating.
I am wondering, What else I can do to have better gameplay.

Please EA... Can you answer this???


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    If it’s in the game, it’s in the ....
  • gregsii
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    I've found something that works for me at the moment at least.

    If my ping drops below 16 it means I'm on the London servers.
    If it drops to a minimum of 18 it means I'm on the Rotterdam servers.
    If it doesn't go below 22 then I'm on the German servers.
    If it doesn't drop below 35 then I'm either on the Swedish servers or some other far away place.

    Reason I know this is because after I get in the lobby I checked which server I've connected to in my firewall logs and over time I've just learnt the differences in pings for each server I connect to.

    I only ever play on the London or Rotterdam servers. If my ping does not drop to 18 then I quit and try again.

    You mention your ping can be 28, that could very well mean you're also playing on the German servers, where I also get poor gameplay the majority of the time....

    London and Rotterdam are the closest to me and the quickest and most consistent gameplay
  • gregsii
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    Also your pings won't be the same as mine as it's based on distance from the servers as well.
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