Difficulty on SB matches increased?

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I don't typically play a lot of SB matches very often (only to complete objectives) but when i do, i tend to play all the lower rated teams on legendary/ultimate difficulties and without boasting, i tend to win matches by at least 8-10 goals per game. Until the last week or so. Now when i play against the AI i can't score more than 3-4 goals per game and the AI players see to be getting more aggressive to play against. When they have the ball they are playing very quick tiki-taka passes always to someone in space where i can't even get close to them to make a tackle and they always play down the touchline so when you try and win the ball back it just goes out of play for their throw in. It is just getting frustrating now to play against the AI as it seems they have been programmed to play exactly like any sweaty player you meet in Ultimate Team.


  • garmak
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    Yes. And those loans are still floating around so you can expect the AI to get a random highlight reel goal in minute 92 as well. A few weeks left. On the plus side, the level for Elite 1 is drifting down.
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