what is Career Mode Homegrown Talent ?

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it's a player character mode, or the manager mode too? i just play manager mode, but i have no idea what do it means, as the translated descrption in non english isn't clear in the web site, origin. it's important,as i just buy standard edition, if it affect manager mode, i have to change to buy higher edition. u should give reply here to customers like me


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    as in manager mode, there was a young camp
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    No need to buy higher edition if you have a standard edition. The home grown talent is just 1 talent during u start ur career mode. let say u start in England. They will put 1 youth from England with high potential. That's it. But you get homegrown talent with high potential with youth scouting system. Always save before your reports comes in every month. See the talent. If have good potential u may continue. If not just restart ur save game and wait till the report have high potential youth player.
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