how many players do you use in career mode

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I want to start a new career and I was wondering how many players do you use in career mode?
are two squads 11 to rotate enough or do I need more than 22 player in rotation?


  • TeamExtreme17
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    I just have 2 players for each position and then youngsters with high potentials..

    So 22 + youngsters..
  • Danic123
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    I aim to have 28.

    2 x teams of 10.
    1 x keeper for both teams.

    7 subs - reserve keeper & 6 outfield players.

    I normally aim at lower leagues and build teams using youth players from scouting. Because of that my numbers will vary dependant on offers for “real” players with limited growth & how many good players my academy produces.
  • Steffolovitch
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    Depends on where I play. In England there's 38 league games + two different cups to play. In Germany there are only 34 league games and one cup, so I can manage with a smaller squad in Germany than in England, for instance.

    But I usually just adjust the squad as the seasons go by. I prefer a small squad though, so I don't always have a good backup and have to play someone out of position to get by. Rather that than have someone never getting enough game time, and it fits well to my preference for versatile players.
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