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Well i sort of skipped this years itteration (bought it on friday for 4,99 Just to check if they fixed anything).

I guess you know where i am going with this already. Sadly, from the games i played, i noticed most of the issues from previous itterations are still present, plus a few New ones. Whats up with companion app and the market? Seems Both are broken at times (the app or even in game, you wont be able to bid, or it will show you as winning until the time runs out, when you Will see you actually lost, etc.)?
Online gameplay? I thought People are exaggerating about drag back issue, but i saw they are actually not.
In general everyting Just seems off and for once i am glad i did not join the rat race this season. I mean Just trying to trade and issues with the app Got my blood boiling (starting to think they left the app/market in such bad state intentionaly). Still somehow managed to trade to a decent serieA team in 2 days, buy Got zero motivation to Play. And i did not even try Champs.

Sadly this is still poor excuse of football game, not even that still Just a microtransacion selling platform. And from my experiance 21 Will be Just the i guess, see you guys next september?

Still somehow hoping i am wrong about 21.


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    The app etc. only started playing up from May iirc...not sure why it suddenly began doing it though I have raised it with EA several times without much feedback on it :/
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    Thanks for the info.
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