Can I play players out of position in career manager sim mode?

Hi All,

I realise that i play in a bit of a niche aspect of the game. It's career mode (manager) with simming all the games one at a time (I know long simming causes issues).

I want to know if I can play players out of position without any detrimental affect to results? For example, I have Gravenberch. According to sofifa he's 65 as CDM and 72 as CAM. The only trouble is CAM is not listed in his playable positions. (CDM is).

What I'd expect the game to do is use some common sense and change his rating when I move him into different positions but it doesn't. So I have no way of knowing if this will contribute to bad results.

I know if I were playing the games it would make no difference but I don't know how the game calculates results (probability wise). when simming. Will I be penalised for playing him out of position (even though he's better according to sofifa).

Through research I know it won't harm his growth but it's results I'm concerned about.

Thanks in advance.


  • As nobody answered I took the risk and did some good old fashioned testing. The answer is yes you can. Gravenberch (CM/DMF) has 10 goals by Christmas playing in CAM position. I'm also playing my LW and RW as LM/RM respectively. After winning 10 in a row it's safe to say that you can players out of position if their stats are right for it. I do have a very good team for this level to be fair but still, we're crushing everyone.
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    You can put any player anywhere.
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