Club erased?

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I just tried to log in the Mobil app and it said I don’t have a club anymore. I’m hoping it’s because they are doing “maintenance”, whatever the hell that means. Maybe they’re upgrading the servers? (Probably not) anyways has this happened to anyone else?


  • Chavez76
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    usually happens indeed when there's maintenance going. Have the same at the moment when logging into webapp
  • Think maintenance started at around 12.30am this morning and estimated to go on for 10 hours.
  • StarfishC
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    Typical, when I have a day off and was going to do some SB / rivals grinding for XP. Now it's back and I can't find any opponents in rivals..
  • Dro_bro
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    Thanks bros. It came back. Tbh there was a small part of me that hoped it wouldn’t. I’ve been looking for that “straw to break the camels back” to make me want to stop playing for good.
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