Sell SS Messi to fund ..

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Sell SS Messi to fund 99 KDB Sbc? Worth it?

Or just is it that big a difference between TOTY and POTY?


  • Rajarshi_CFC
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    Yeah, 99 KDB rules the midfield on his own.
  • mypetfrog
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    Having used SS Messi I'd say no. POTY KDB is absolutely brilliant, but that Messi card and his work rates are also brilliant but Messi has something special, he's more fun despite being weak.

    If you can keep SS Messi and get the TOTY KDB that'd be ideal, otherwise yes it's a tough decision.

    If you're unsure after using the TOTS KDB loaner, then maybe go TOTY KDB as it's tradeable in case you retreat your decision. I'd not want to sell Messi, plough it all into an utradeable POTY and then regret it...
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    Nah keep the coins/Messi and grind the fodder for KDB.
  • Amdp9
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    Keep Messi he SS version was the best of all, KDB can be crafted
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