Anyone use 451 for more than pre-match chem?

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I've noticed the CAMs and wingers interchange a lot - CAMs pushing out wide, wingers cutting in - and I thought it could actually be a fun set up with the right players.

I'm thinking of trying out a team like:

GK - Schmeichel

LB - Hernandez
CB - Kimpembe
CB - De Ligt
RB - Cuadrado

LM - Ribery
LCAM - Mbappe
CM - Nainggolan
RCAM - Mertens
RM - Bernardeschi

ST - Ibrahimovic

Does anyone have any tips or advice?

I usually play 433(4) with the front 4 on stay forward, the LB/RB on Balanced attack, RCM on Drop between defenders (to let the full backs push forward) and LCM on Balanced. With depth and width at 5/5. I'm a little concerned that Nainggolan may be exposed, but I'm interested to try this out as 4 attackers around Ibra as the St seems fun?
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