Players Slowing Down After Conceding a Goal

The title speaks for itself.

I have recently started playing this game because my gf gifted it to me and this problem is particularly bothering me that I literally had to login to the forums and discuss this with other players.

I personally cannot come up with a logical explanation on why the game literally decreases USER Acceleration and Top Speed after conceding a goal. After conceding a goal the game becomes totally unplayable.

Imagine you're a goal down in the 15th minute against a weaker team (70 OVR avg.) with trash but fast wingers and you realize your players suddenly start running like 20-30% slower.

I really would like someone to explain how this can make the game more competitive against the AI.

I'm able to trash the AI in Legendary with my sliders significantly decreased. But a level higher in Ultimate the odds turn upside down and when you're unfortunate enough to concede a goal the game becomes unwinnable.

In my opinion, in a situation like mentioned above, the opposition can either back down to maintain the lead or push forward to look for the second goal. HOWEVER, my question is why the game intervenes at this point and changes USER sliders to make it more competitive for me? I do not believe there is no other way. I believe the mentioned scenarios can be implemented through dynamic tactics that change all the time depending on the situation.

I really cannot explain how my 88 Acceleration 91 Top Speed winger can be outrun by a 60 Acc. 65. Top Speed center back. This is surreal.

I've checked several discussions on many platforms regarding not only this but other issues as well like the fatigue rate for USER team in career mode, etc. and the replies from EA are just laughable like "Please change your defensive tactics from constant pressure to something else, turn off overload the ball side and press in game.". I've run across this more times than I can remember and the CPU team after scoring a goal can chase my team all over the pitch like mad dogs and at the end of the game still have 80-85% of their stamina remaining. It's literally like they can play another 90min match. This cannot be explained in any other way than accepting the fact that career mode in Fifa 20 is totally ruined.


  • tzinc
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    coming from a 10 year fifa player this game is trash it is coded like any game - one example last minute goals - when I win I know it's not because of me and when I lose I know it's not because of me - even 1 in 4 Squad Battle Games doesn't play right - it is non stop frustration which I am sure EA hope leads you to buying more coins
  • MartyForster
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    Just wait and see what happens when you play against Burnley.
  • SBaggio59
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    Let's clarify things, EA cannot definitively deny the obvious, the feelings of some players.
    Of course the game is illogical, it's just that the game is poorly designed and not ready yet because EA is going too fast to make some of these games. Fifa 20 is a prototype, a mock-up, an unfinished game, and the developers are still struggling to find a better compromise with these countless updates.
    Yes, there are qualities, but the gameplay is appalling. Additionally, there is something about this game that interacts but really in a subtle and cunning way. What a funny way to make a game. EA has its secrets, these crafty little ones.

    Those responsible for this failure are these great decision makers "EA" who decide badly or in a cruel way, sometimes to impose their own financial interests, too bad for the good sense. Developers just develop and do what is asked of them, doing their best.

    The first victims are the customers, and therefore the players.
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  • JWNYsg
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    i am sure it happens :(
  • Sausagegman1
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    I agree with all comments on this thread. I have played Fifa for years, since 94 ish I think and this is my first year at FUT, stook to manager mode and the story mode in recent years. However I can see a clear difference in gameplay when playing rivals, like in my recent post super keepers for the opposition and every shot taken by the opposition I concede a goal and also in squads where you play a bronze rated team on ultimate that keeps up with power, pace and skill of say Ronaldo. I think we all understand that the match needs to be competitive but not to the point of a bronze team is a 195 rating! I have also found that SB games are more difficult on a Sunday, the day before Mondays rewards. I think the dynamic difficulty setting kicks in on these games in rivals and squads. Doesn't make it a fair finished product imo.
  • Wi1son73
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    I’ve played over 2000 games this year and past FIFA’s I’ve played near enough the same, since fifa09 when I converted over from pes09.
    I gave up playing this trash for a good month and half, I thought tonight I’ll just log on, try a game just out curiosity, haha 5mins in quit see ya.. Nope nope nope..
    Don’t waste your time mate
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