Now this is some real BS

So I'm playing this guy here... he scores 3 quick goals fine, by HT I've scored 2 so its now 3-2 he leads. And then I see, You've lost connection to your opponent... and I'm thinking ok, guy felt me I was def gonna win the 2nd half, then I think, ok my win anyway🤝🏾.

Only to check the record and I see that the game results actually say I lost the game 3-2 HTF is that even happening? Somebody tell me how's this please. Or tell me how to do it🤷🏾‍♂️.


  • Bonusb3rtie
    590 posts An Exciting Prospect
    It very VERY rarely happens. Think I've had it once in near 1000 games.

    If you want, buy a win in the store to make up for it, and move on.
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