New chance at Diego Carlos SBC?

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Is there a chance for a rerelease some time soon, and has this been done in the past? I think I remember Milner reappearing earlier this year, maybe others.


  • limjitwe
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    I hope so... threw my 86 into Militao which of course I totally regretted after seeing his upgrade and +3
  • Jpo41
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    edited August 2020
    I don't know. SH this year was similar to them rereleasing last year. I am in the horrible dilemma of playing TOTS Ramos, SH Lenget, or Carlos.
  • MUFC_420
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    I threw mine into an SBC during lockdown. Have his TOTSSF untradable so it will be just as good unless they beat Inter. Ive a feeling they might as this is their competition.
  • RedRogue
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    Still got mine, 91 rated now.
    He’ll be worth it if they do!
  • Stone_cold_tea93
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    Isnt the TOTS 91 rated? Doubt it if so.
  • Drachenfells
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    The totssf is 91 rated, they will release it before the final is they are going to, tonight or tomorrow, personally I doubt it.
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